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It's a new year!


...and that had me thinking lately about the past.  


I was a Transit Enforcement Officer with L.A. COUNTY METRO back in the day.  I was also one of only three defensive tactics instructors there.  


Fortunately, I was blessed with a great training Sergeant (then Lieutenant, and now "Chief" Ortiz is the bald guy in the middle) and a damn good patrol partner (Officer Barraza is on the big guy on the left).


I've always been the type of guy to have several "irons in the fire" at the same time.  I'm a published author and I continue writing and publishing.  I've also had a wood and metal fabrication business for over twenty years.  


What a lot of people don't know is that my patrol partner was also my carpentry apprentice for my woodworking business.  He worked for me from March of 2008 to about March of 2011.  He's a damn good officer but he's also a damn good carpenter!


Shout out to my old partner Jose - have a very blessed year my brother!

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