This place is all about sharing knowledge and abilities to help make good men - better.

Camping and survival are necessary skills that all good men should learn and practice.

During my time as an active duty Airman in the USAF, I was TDY (Temporary Duty; sent somewhere/"on a mission") an average of ten months out of the year.  I was in a "high demand" career field so there was no getting around it.  I received extensive military survival training as a result - including from members of Tom Brown Jr's legendary school.  

After I got back to the real world (and long before "naked and afraid"), I continued training both on my own and through various survival instructors such as Mick Dodge in the Olympic rainforest.  Mick is one of my "Dharma brothers". 

Ordained by my teacher, Koro Kaisan Roshi (the founder of the International Mugendo Zenkai), Mick is "known in the Dharma" as Dioji.

 Now, I utilize that background to provide you with "MADE IN THE USA" tools to help get you started in your survival training...or just get more out of camping!

From EDC stuff that fits in your pocket to more specialized equipment for SHTF or TEOTWAWKI type events.  Maybe you just want to set up a basic Bug Out Bag for simple Emergency Preparedness or even just a 3 day camping trip! I bet you find something great right here!

Kick back, relax and stay awhile as you look through the stuff!