This place is all about sharing knowledge and abilities to help make good men - better.

Classical martial arts are necessary skills that all good men should learn and practice.  

Not just because of the self-defense aspect, but because classical martial arts help forge body, mind and spirit.  Classical martial arts offer a path for daily improvement!

I've been training in classical Asian martial arts since 1976.  Starting in Taekwondo (like most kids) and progressing to Japanese sword arts (Omori Ryu, Itto Ryu and Chiba Ryu) to Filipino stick and blade arts (Doce Pares Eskrima). 

I taught military and law enforcement while active duty in the USAF and ran my own school for years afterward. I was also one of only 3 Defensive Tactics instructors when I was a Transit Enforcement Officer at LA COUNTY METRO. 

Now, I utilize that background to provide you with a comprehensive list of gear that you'll need to get started or continue on your path of self-improvement via the classical martial arts of Asia.

From quality Keikogi work out clothes to the five basic weapons of the traditional warrior (pole arm, club, blade, flexible and projectile) - you'll find exactly what you need to continue on your path of self-improvement via the ancient martial arts of the Orient.

Kick back, relax and stay awhile!  Every good man should acquire a basic martial arts gear collection as a necessary part of his modern-day survival kit!