This place is all about sharing knowledge and abilities to help make good men - better.

Woodworking is a necessary skill that all good men should learn and practice (metal working too!).

From quality Japanese Dozuki pull saws to the ubiquitous Bailey pattern #4 hand plane - you'll find exactly what you need to make and repair stuff even if the power goes out!.  Maybe you just want to get a set of chisels and a mallet to start stretching your woodworking skills.  Maybe you want a complete "old school" woodworking kit.  Whatever it is, you can outfit your new shop right from here!

I've been using woodworking hand tools for over 40 years and operate a wood and metal fabrication shop. Now, I utilize that background to provide you with a comprehensive list of gear that you'll need to get started or complete your hand tool woodworking shop! 

Kick back, relax and stay awhile!  Every good man should acquire a basic woodworking tool collection as a necessary part of his modern-day survival kit!