This place is all about sharing knowledge and abilities to help make good men - better.

In many ways, today's environment is even MORE hostile towards men.  Men don't have the emotional support system available that others simply take for granted. 

Veterans (like myself) especially.  It's said that, everyday, twenty two veterans commit suicide.  This is beyond unacceptable.  

Meditation is a necessary skill that all good men should learn and practice in order to survive the insidious snares and pitfalls of the current cultural environment.

I've published a book on Buddhist meditation (called How to Experience God) and you can find a link here.  I was only able to link to the outside Barnes & Noble site for purchase so remember that when purchasing - go to the outside link!

I've also included meditation supplies such as meditation cushions, incense, prayer beads, kesa robes and more.

I've reached out and found some great, truly unique and hard to find items.  

Take your time...look around...enjoy!