After I took my Tokudo vows as a Zen Buddhist priest, I began to use my old training as a new vehicle for enlightenment.  

I've combined my training in classical Asian weapon arts with my training in wood and metal fabrication as a new form of Zen meditation.  Now, when I'm creating something out of wood or metal, I do so in a state of deep meditation.  My workshop is, in effect, my Zendo (Zen temple) complete with Butsudan (Buddhist altar) and my work is my Kinhin (moving meditation).

The products that I create during these times of deep meditation need to go somewhere so I figured I'd offer them here to the public.

You can expect to find things such as Japanese Shakuhachi flutes, hand forged knives, bamboo archery bows, high quality walking staffs - even nunchaku!

All of these items are created with respect and from a place of deep meditation.  If this is something that you'd be interested in owning - this is the place for you!