Hello, My name is Manny but I'm "known in the Dharma" as Kodo Genki.  I'm an ordained Buddhist priest, writer/published author and martial arts teacher.

I've spent my entire life learning and practicing to become a better person.

Trained in classical Asian martial arts since age six, I was studying both western military history and strategy (Alexander the great, Xenophon) and eastern military history and strategy (Sun Tsu, Miyamoto Musashi) by fourth grade.

Some other things about me:

As an active duty Airman in the United States Air Force, I served my country in both Europe and the Middle East (Kuwait).  

I've studied survival training since the mid-1980s.  I started with the teachings of Tom Brown Jr back then.  In the USAF, I was TDY more often than base-side.  My first two years, I was TDY a total of 18 months.  I was a logistics expert and SP augmentee.  Throughout my entire enlistment, I received training plus real world "in country" experience on many aspects of survival training.  I pass along what I've learned.

I operated my own martial arts school on base (McChord, AFB) teaching primarily law enforcement and military personnel with a few civilians as well.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology from The Evergreen State College (TESC).

I'm an ordained Buddhist priest and personal student of the founder (Koro Kaisan Roshi) of the international Mugendo Zenkai.

Fairly handy, I've been making things like flutes, archery bows and knives since about 1985.

I have a specialty wood and metal shop where I create archery bows, custom knives, bamboo flutes from various cultures (such as Shakuhachi and NAF flutes) and other unique, hard to find and one of a kind items.

Kodoan is the name of the small Buddhist temple I established.  It translates to a sanctuary (or small monk's house) on an ancient road (or an old path).

My hope - my goal is to use the knowledge and training I've acquired over a lifetime to help good men become - better.  This place is not exclusively for men - if women find some applicable wisdom - great but, I can only speak to what I sincerely know which is from a man's perspective.

Between this website and my channels on rumble, minds, gab, bitchute and Patreon, I hope to provide knowledge, training, skills and even tools & gear to help good men become - better!