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Kodoan is the home of Kodo Genki. A Buddhist priest, writer/author, and martial arts teacher.

My daily practice....my daily training, is a reflection of ZenKenSho; the three fold path of meditation, martial arts training, and the fine arts.

ZenKenSho was promulgated by the late Omori Sogen Roshi (the Teacher of my teacher's teacher).

The Kodoan specialty shop is a place where you can find something created as both a meditation and a reflection of the fine arts.

I've been making Flutes, Archery Bows, and Knives since about 1985. I grew up (and thrived) in a craftsman home and a craftsman environment. I have trained in classical Asian martial arts, yoga and Zen meditation since 1976.

I have a specialty wood and metal shop where I create archery bows, custom knives, bamboo flutes from various cultures (such as Shakuhachi and NAF style flutes) and other unique, hard to find and one of a kind items.

I hope to serve the online community with quality, hand made products that resonate with the energy of a meditative state.